DIEP IN HET BOS (Deep in the Woods) - Belgium
L'ENFANT DES GLACES (The Child in the Ice) - Quebec/ Canada
ES REGNET FRAUENSTIMMEN (It's Raining Female Voices) - Belgium
MR. EMMET TAKES A WALK - Germany, Netherlands, Belgium
KÜCHE - KELLER - BAD (Kitchen-Basement-Bathroom)
THE LIGHTHOUSE - Great Britain
DER SCHLAFENDE REITER (The Sleeping Rider) - Russia

Belgium - Het Muziek Lod
DIEP IN HET BOS (Deep in the Woods)
Tuesday, March 12th, 19 h and
Wednesday, March 13th, 19.30 h, tanzhaus nrw

Music & musical direction: Dick van der Harst
Text & production: Eric de Volder

Singers and actors:
Paola Bartoletti, Brenda Bertin, Graziella Boggiano, Leen de Veirman, Merel de Vilder Robier, Carla Hoogewijs, Ineke Nijssen

Based on the affaire Dutroux but not a play about it nor about the Belgian political crisis, but about personal emotional reactions. DIEP IN HET BOS is a lamentation, but one with humour and happy music, a lamentation based on traditional Breton songs. Groups of women sing alternately about small anecdotes, but also about politics, murders, life and death…
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Within the scope of the festivalopening:
Tuesday, March 12th, 20.45 h, tanzhaus nrw

Composition for video, audio track and viola

by Harald Klemm (video)
and David P. Graham (Scotland)

with Friederike Latzko (viola)
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Quebec/ Canada - Chants Libres
L'ENFANT DES GLACES (The Child in the Ice)
Wednesday, March 13th, 19.30 h and
Thursday, March 14th, 21 h, Schauspielhaus, Kleines Haus

Music & electro-acoustic: Zack Settel
Libretto:based on texts by Quevedo & de Nerval
Concept & production: Pauline Vaillancourt
Choreography: Johanne Madore
Videoinstallation: Yves Labelle
Décor: Pauline Vaillancourt
Costumes: Caroline Mercier
Lightdesign: François Roupinian

Singers and actors:
Pauline Vaillancourt - soprano
Jean Maheux - actor

Across five centuries, the voice of the frozen child has returned to haunt the present, where life flows turbulent, desperate and passionate. Wrapped by the wild excitement of the moment, and swept into the whirlpool of the future, the man and the woman exist; will they be nourished by the song of the child... will they master time... as life exerts itself... relentless, pitiless and incredible.
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Belgium - Muziektheatercollectief Walpurgis
(It's Raining Female Voices)
Thursday, March 14th, 19 h and
Sunday, March 17th, 21 h, ZAKK

Music: Klaas de Vries, Rob Zuidam, Claude Vivier, Georges Aperghis and others
Texts by Juan Rulfo, Ernst Jandl, Guillaume Apollinaire, Frida Kahlo and others
Choreography: Fumyo Ikeda & Roberto Olivan
Sets & costumes: Stef Depover
Sound: Jean-Marc Sullon

Judith Vindevogel - soprano
Gerrie de Vries - mezzo-soprano

The project is an abstract theatrical poem based on some of the Mexican author Juan Rulfo's short stories and also his novelette "Pedro Paramo".
Striking in the novelette is the ubiquity of sound. The sound represents a spirit world, shades of the past both distant and near, or voices of a dreamed future. Far and distant. High and low. Barely audible as from behind an old wall, whisperings straight from a mouth against an ear...
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Germany, Netherlands, Belgium -
Freies Musiktheater NRW.NL.B
Friday, March 15th, 20 h,
Saturday, March 16th, 19.30 and 22.00 h and
Sunday, March 17th, 20.30 h,
Building site underground station Oberbilker Markt

Music: Peter Maxwell Davies
Libretto: David Pountney
Direction: Uwe Schmitz-Gilsdorf
Musical direction: Zsolt Nagy
Set & costumes: Martin Warth
Light: Volker Weinhart

Singers and actors:
Mr. Emmet - Martin Lindsay, baritone
Ka - Rolande van der Paal, soprano
Todd: Wilfried van den Brande, bass

Mr. Emmet himself represents an enigma: is he a business man with briefcase and umbrella pursuing the ultimate commercial contract, a double agent extorting a much shadier deal from a foreign power, or a tragicomical everyman sifting through the flotsam and jetsam of a lifetime to prepare himself for death?
The soprano and the bass who accompany Mr. Emmet on his walk adopt multiple roles: she can appear as seducer, mother, chanteuse, he as piano teacher, engineer, waiter and ultimately as nemesis extracting the fatal signature...

Friday, March 15th and
Saturday, March 16th, 19.30 h, Meeting point: tanzhaus nrw

Music theatre in private venues

Chamber opera taken to its extremes. In the smallest of rooms, in private apartments, warehouses, kitchens or basements, we meet writers and musicians inspired in their work and brought to music theatre by literature, mathematics and other sources...
European voice and sound artists create texts, song, word sounds or voice concerts for intimate spaces. Literature with sound quality, interactive music as theatre, right up to mimimal music theatre.
A small, selected audience will have the opportunity on two days of the Festival to visit three private rooms in which the artists will present their creations.

with: Alain Sulzer „Annas Maske“ -
Mathias Schamp „Goethe im Gully“ -
Lou Simard “GONE WEST“
(a story by and with Calamity Jane)
with: John von Düffel „EGO“ -
Gerhard Haugg „Handy-Symphony No.1“ -
Martin Baltscheit „Elefantenwahrheit“
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For each mobile phone
you'll get a drink for free!!

Great Britain - Music Theatre Wales
Friday, March 15th, 21 h and
Saturday, March 16th, 19 h, tanzhaus nrw

Music & libretto: Peter Maxwell Davies based on a description by Craig Mair
Musical direction: Michael Rafferty
Production: Michael McCarthy
Décor & costumes: Simon Banham
Lightdesign: Ace McCarron

Michael Bennett - Sandy / Officer 1
Gwion Thomas - Blazes / Officer 2
Kelvin Thomas - Arthur / Officer 3 / Voice of Cards

The Music Theatre Wales Ensemble

This work is based on a real incident concerning three lighthouse keepers from the Flannan Isles lighthouse who disappeared in unexplained circumstances in 1900.
In the prologue the three ship's officers who discovered the disappearance present their sometimes mixed account of their discovery. In a mixture of report and flashback we learn about their journey towards the lighthouse with relief supplies.
The first and only act describes the daily life of the three lighthouse keepers: Arthur's exessive piety, Blaze's cynism and violence, Sandy's romantic struggle for harmony. It's the evening of their disappearance - a quarrel, sudden mist, the noise of the foghorn, strange lights - a scenario as if the Antichrist had come to catch weak souls...

France - Art Zoyd
Wednesday, March 13th, 20.30 h and
Thursday, March 14th, 20 h, Halle 6

Music: Gérard Hourbette
Production: Richard Castelli
Conductor: Daniel Gazon
Videoinstallation: Lillevän, Holger Förterer

"Technology is a gamble. The Nosferatu project in 1988 was for us our first encounter with new musical technique: the piece we created, using sampling techniques, produced music which was extraordinarily rich in rhythm, tone and space. Technology is a tool, as is a musical instrument, and for the artist the learning process is exactly the same. We wish to continue broadening this experience, and also to move on to different concepts of sound-and-image alliances." (Gérard Hourbette)
For the Düsseldorf performance Art Zoyd will, for the first time, experience a flying screen on stage and lively take influence on their pre-produced works.

RUSSIA - Anna Ikramova
Saturday, March 16th, 21.30 h and
Sunday, March 17th, 19.30 h, tanzhaus nrw

Music & concept: Anna Ikramova
Texts: Nikolai Gogol, Isaac Babel, Bruno Schulz, Mircea Eliade, Alexander Grin, A.u.B.Strugatzki and others
Installation & production: Dagmar Schenk-Güllich
Direction: Svetlana Fourer
Musical direction: Christian Jeub
Choreography & dance: Dagmar Stollberg
Videoanimation: Jana Aksjonova (Teremin-Center Miskau)
Camera: Konstanze Bemberg
Sound & recording direction: Ingo Schmidt-Lukaß

Bianka - Katariina Järvinen
Messenger - Matthias Eggeling
Fatherr - Martin Lucaß
Mother/Bianka II - Vanesa Radman
The Dream- Stephanie Rodriguez
Conductor - Christian Jeub
as well as Ruth Weber, Antje Bitterlich, Jochen Klüßendorf

Marc Gosemärker, Christian Nagel, Annette Padberg, Sabine Baron, Gudula Hufschmidt, Anna Ikramova

The "Sleeping Rider" is a dreaming and dreamed character who travels through time and space perceiving reality only through his dreams. Through his eyes, we see visions and different projects of a possible way into the future - like windows into a virtual reality.
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What is done to pass on the musical inheritance to the next generation?

Saturday, March, 16th, 17.30 h, tanzhaus nrw


Young composing talent / video specialists / internet specialists develop a format specially for the internet:
using the technical possibilities of the internet to develop sound and image sound as an independent genre.
The topic is "The Holy Grail".

The Internet-Opera is not online anymore.

The presentation of the internet-opera is sposored by BOD and Crane Computer